Thursday, January 27, 2011


So here's what's up.
I'm on the longest weight-loss plateau EVERRRR. I'm not even being dramatic. Through last summer I lost roughly 18 pounds or so that brought me steadily to my pre-getting pregnant with twins- weight. However, I still have TOTAL 60 pounds I'd LIKE to lose....40 to get to where I was before I got pregnant with Quinn and another 20 for vanity's sake ;)

Back to that 18 pounds...Since then NADA. Maybe a pound...I'll weigh myself tomorrow. Over the last month I've been doing the 30-day shred (massively intense) and I have been HONESTLY cleaning up my eating (I'll show you food diaries if you want). But the scale, that cruel bit*h, HASN'T MOVED! I don't doubt that I'm gaining muscle due to the intensity of the strength training provided in the 30-day shred, but given the amount I have to lose- shouldn't I be losing?!

I'm buying a tape measure tomorrow to start there.........



Sunday, January 23, 2011


This time of year in this part of the country gets me down and batty all at the same time. Up here in Saranac Lake, NY (that has been on the national news for the last 2 days with record LOW temps) has such a LOOOOOOOOOONG winter that January feels like it's only the beginning. It's tough to take the kids outside when it's below 20 degrees. And, when it's below 20 degrees so frequently, we all get a little pent up!

Quinn is especially pent up. Since the twins just started walking, they spend their days wandering. But not our Quinn. Alas, we'll be getting him an exercise trampoline for his birthday. That's right, a mini trampoline that he can use in the house. They use one at his daycare on snowy/rainy days and it's the perfect mechanism to get the sillies out. My parent's are getting him a larger one with netting for outside, but it will be late April before that's operational.

I am looking forward to heading to Massachusetts for Quinn's 3rd (YES THIRD!) birthday in 2 weeks. We're having 2 parties, essentially. On Friday the 4th we're having an "adult" party after all the kids are in bed to celebrate 3 years of parenting for me and Scott. Basically this is an excuse to be able to hear adult conversation over some adult beverages. Then, on Saturday the 5th we'll have his actual party with family members.

My friend Amy and I have been doing Jillian Michael's 30-day shred. Last week we started Level 2. I have done it (level 2) 3 times (well 4 including the aerobics class I took Friday that was almost identical to the JM workout- ouch). I will need to do it for another full week before moving on to Level 3. Level 2 is a cruel bitch.

How are everyone's resolutions going?

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Some new things.

My friend, "Texas Kim" reminded me that I'm blowing a resolution to blog at least once a week. So here I am! haha.

I just wanted to point out some things that are new and fresh.

1. ON the right side of this page, around the "About Me" box, you'll see some fun stuff. You'll find some blogs that I follow fairly regularly (or at least have found interest in) and some favorite links of mine. These will expand, take a look!

2. You now have the option to "share" my blog. PLEASE DO!

3. Also, become a follower, leave comments, this is how I know that SOMEONE is reading this stuff!!!

What are some of your favorite blogs and links? Maybe I'll add them to mine!

More later


Sunday, January 2, 2011

525600 Minutes

2011 is MY year. I mean that introspectively, rather than selfishly.

I'm going to list my "resolutions" in no particular order. Some will be books I want to read. Some might be foods I want to try, dates I want to keep, plans I want to make, or personal goals.

This isn't meant to be a "check list" for 2011 or even a lifetime "bucket list." Because many of the things I'm listing are going to be processes of personal development. They aren't ever going to be "done" in order to check off any list. These things I resolve to pay specific attention to this year, in order to develop myself for my l-i-f-e. These things will likely ebb and flow in their importance throughout this year, and throughout my life...But they are skills or character traits I want to develop and carry throughout my life.

*I love the freshness and promise of a new year

*Bold items are more standard "resolutions" for 2011

1. Read "Blue Like Jazz"
2. Read "The Happiness Project"
3. Read something every day
4. Scrapbook at least one page a week
5. Take more pictures
6. Take at least one yoga class a month
7. Journal every day, include prayers and gratitude
8. Continue minimizing the material things
9. Pay off the last of the credit cards this year (we haven't used them in several months!)
10. Read some of the Bible every day. Actual goal is 3 chapters a day, but I just need to read SOME of it EVERY day. period.
11. Make more plans with friends that I don't usually make plans with
12. Increase intake from the Earth. This includes: water, fruits, vegetables, whole grains. Thanks, God, for making all the stuff I need ;)
13. Less...Is...More (stole this directly from Amy ;) )
14........And this is a tough one........Wake up 30 minutes, at least, before the kids get up, to have some quiet time to ease in to the day with prayer and a cup of tea or coffee.
15. Go to bed by 10:00 pm at the LATEST. This will give me 7.5 hours of sleep at the least, if I wake up at 5:30. On nights before my early morning gym sessions I will go to bed earlier.
16. Get at least 4 massages this year. It's necessary in my line of work ;)
17.............start tossing around my book ideas................ ;)
18. Blog at least once a week

I'll add to this as the month goes on :)