Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Clay Aiken is Gay

1. No shit.
2. Who cares?

Another Dream

Another dream
So last night I had another one of those dreams. The recurring dream with a former best friend. This time it was a happy one. I was home in Belchertown and I ran in to her. At first I was hesitant and wanted to run and hide but I thought, what the hell if she hates me she hates me. She turned around with a huge smile on her face and said "HI! I'm so glad to see you!" I noticed her hair was gorgeous and she looked generally happy. This is all weird. Also, she was shorter than I. She's 4 inches taller than I am....Maybe by letting go of the negative feelings I've come out on top, appearing taller than she is?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Kind of almost 1?

Kind of almost 1?

Bedtime Musings:

Right now it's 830am, but I started this blog last night after Quinn was asleep so, it's kind of a bedtime musing ;)

Well. Sitting up alone and TEETH have arrived! Quinn can sit up on his own for quite some time before succumbing to gravity, and his 2 bottom front teeth broke through the gums sometime between Friday night and Saturday afternoon.

In roughly 2 weeks he'll be 8 months old and it's just a little too close to one year old for my comfort! Last year at this time I sat and stared at the calendar, waiting for October 4th. I was waiting for October 4th because that was the date of the ultrasound where we would find out the sex-yay! My parents came up and it was their anniversary and we all found out it was indeed a Quinlan growing in there! I was kind of showing by that point, but some may have just thought I was bloated.

Now…a year later….Quinn's a full-blown food eating-teeth cutting-almost crawling-sleeping through the night-human.

Scott and I are starting to talk about baby 2. LOL. Yes, it's true. We're waiting until Quinn's first birthday to come up with a game plan, but we'd like to have another one by the time Quinn is 2. This is simply because we're not sure if we want 2 or 3 and I want to be done having kids by 30…so…2 years apart it'll be. And, I've heard if you have 2 under 2 you won't have 3 so…hahahahah

Anyway, I'll sit here and continue to ponder the last 8 months and make a plan to lose the rest of the weight I'm going to lose by Quinn's 1st birthday so that way I can gain it all again. Hahahah.

Bedtime Musings

Friendship Lost
Bedtime Musings:Between working full time outside of the home AND full time inside of the home, the only way I'll get back to blogging full time is to do it after bedtime, every night. This will allow me to re-cap the day. He goes to bed between 630 and 700 but he's taking a late nap right now so here I write...

I need to discuss a semi-recurring dream I have. I had a best friend in high school. We were friends from 9th grade until..well I'm not exactly sure when it all dissolved but we no longer in the passive aggressive she won't add me as a friend on myspace or facebook kind of we no longer speak........

She appears in my dreams like once a month. Dreams are your brain processing events, thinking about events, or wishing for events. And all of those are covered here. Last night....and I sit here at 5pm and it's still vivid...We ran in to each other at the grocery store. Her friend told me that after what her uncle told her she couldn't be my friend.

I was confused. Probably because I'm not sure I've ever met an uncle and...quite frankly...I don't know what I did that was so horrible at the age of 17, 18, or 19 that at the age of 25 she can't say hi, or congratulate me on my new family, or let me congratulate her on her successes.

My parents see her parents and exchange pleasantries but that's about it....I just needed to get that off of my chest.