Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tick-Tock goes the labor clock...

Hi friends!
The last week and a half has been very busy and hectic!

Last Thursday we found out the twins weigh 5 pounds (Paige) and 6 pounds 3 oz (Aiden)...That was when I was 34 weeks. The midwife is very happy with how well this pregnancy is going. It boggles my mind that my body can handle pregnancy so well but I can't seem to get it together for a "natural" delivery! Either way, both these kiddies are breech, I had a c-section with Quinn, and AMC doesn't offer vag. delivery with twins so c-section it is!

On the 14th my dad came home from China FOR GOOOOOOOOOD! Amen! They came up last weekend and my mom has been here all week helping me out with Quinn while Scott gets a lot of extra work done for extra $$ now that we're on one income. It's soooooooo great having her here. Due to my size and the face that I'm carrying these babies straight out, moving is SUCH a challenge. I spend most of the day sitting or laying down.

Better yet, this weekend my parents are taking Quinn to Massachusetts so we have a toddler free weekend! Our friends Tracy and Meghan are getting married saturday and my pregnant partner in crime, Julie, has her baby shower Sunday (we have the same due date) so I'll be able to rest and then enjoy these events!

Next Wednesday, the 30th, is 36 weeks for me. This means as long as I make it to that date, I can have the babies here, rather than having to go to Burlington which isn't home! Don't get me wrong, Fletcher Allen is an AMAZING hospital with a great NICU and WONDERFUL care but it would be very nerve-wracking for me to go in to a c-section meeting the surgeon for the first time!

Anyway, just a little catch-up from me...This weekend I'll get to post more when I'm toddler free!

xo xo


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Week One Done, Week Two- Bring it on!

Hello lovely readers:

I've finished week one of my stay-at-home-momness is finished and I'm alive...and so is Quinn...and Scott for that matter!

I've noticed I'm MUCH less tired at the end of the day and throughout the day since I'm not working outside the home at all, so that's helped me emotionally for sure!

Anyway, let's get to it.
The butt winner is: PINXAV!!!!!! The stuff is pepto pink almost...Also, it has a scent of eucalyptus oil, which probably accounts for the instant relief the babe feels when you put it cools but it doesn't burn. Be warned- the stuff is pink and it stays that way, meaning when you go to change the next diaper, there is going to be pink stuff on the's slightly shocking lol but it's all good.

The weather has been my ABSOLUTE best friend this past week. It's been absolutely gorgeous outside all day, meaning I get to take Quinn outside once or twice a day for long periods of time which is good for both of us! He gets to run out all his crazy energy and I can stock up on some Vitamin D hehehe.

I'm right this minute watching the Documentary "The Business of Being Born" and it makes me very thankful for Dr. Kirollos's practice. Although it's at a hospital, it's run like a birthing center in that there's lots of care from the midwife and nurses and you're generally left alone. Even though I had a c-section with Quinn, I'm not offended by this movie (which is HIGHLY anti warcry c-section)....My water broke at midnight, Fridaynight 5:00ish on Saturday evening (16 hours later) I was only dilated 3cm and that was ON pitocin! I can remember every contraction I had...which was like 3...the Pitocin wasn't working...the birth process seemed to have stopped at my water breaking..So, c-section it was.

With the twins I'll be having a c-section for a number of reasons. lWhen I found out I was pregnant with what I thought was JUST #2 I considered transferring my care to Plattsburgh because they allow VBACs and AMC in Saranac Lake doesn't. Even before we found out it was twins I decided against it because....wait...let me pause to say that some guy on this documentary just said moms who give birth by c-section don't have the "love hormones" released and if monkeys give birth by c-section they don't bond with their babies and don't want them..........................FUCK YOU DUDE...ok anyway..I like Dr. K's practicea nd I feel very comfortable with my care there.

Now that it's twins, AMC doesn't do Vaginal births for twins for an umber of reasons and I could, again, transfer to another hospital, but I don't feel as comfortable with that. Furthermore, as of my last ultrasound, both twins are breech so it wouldn't be promising for a vag. delivery anyway...

This week coming up is BUSY!!!

Monday- My dad comes home from China for good! I am getting a prenatal massage at the Mirror Lake Inn..thank the LOOOOORRRD!!

Wednesday- Appt. with Dr. K at 8:40 am and a NST

Thursday- Ultrasound at 10:00 I do believe, with Brenda at Dr. K's office!

Friday-Sunday- Mom and Dad come visit!!

Continued prayers for good check-ups and that I stay pregnant for at least another 2 weeks!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Diaper Rashes, Mommy Groups, and Baby Showers- OH MY!

Yesterday was my first full day as a real stay at home mom and it went encouragingly well! Quinn was in a great mood all day (perhaps he knew I needed to be broken in easily) and took his naps, played outside for a long time, and was generally his wonderful self.

I didn't put away any laundry but I got some washed and folded, and dishes ended up in the dishwasher, so that's a successful day in my book! Evidently, according to a book I'm reading called "Domestically Challenged," I am staying at home to raise the children, not be a maid.

Today was better and worse than yesterday.

I was invited by a woman from church to meet for kind of a mommy and me group at another church members house...They craft, the hostess Diane makes lunch, and the kids play. Quinn did really well and I'm glad that the woman's house is rather kid friendly because he certainly ran the place ragged!

HOWEVER.....Quinn's morning nap was about an hour short thanks to the teeth spawned from Satan himself, the eye-teeth. Yes, the Eye-teeth. They're the "vampire" teeth and they completely turn your house and your toddler upside down. It's not that I wasn't warned...Articles, books, people..they all say "the eye teeth are the worst." But, after dealing with the first few teeth you really trick yourself in to thinking that NOTHING could be worse....WROOOOONG! Quinn woke up HYSTERICALLY crying 2 or 3 times last night (which is much different than a newborn's really REALLY REALLY loud!) and he still is fighting his effing diaper rash. Sooooooooooo he had a steady diet of tylenol today and got some motrin before bed, and had his ass caked with Balmex and baby powder.

About the diaper rash. Since Quinn's been born we've used Butt Paste. We've only ever put it on like first thing in the AM and right before bed. However, when a diaper rash appears we need to beef up the infantry. This diaper rash has a mind of it's own. Evidently I am to try this stuff called PINXAV (pronounced pink salve)...It has like 2x the amount of Zinc Oxide...It's been shipped (had to order it online as it's not available in stores around here) and I'll give the review upon ONE usage..that's all they get ;)

Anywho- Quinn's in bed and I'm going to reheat some Pizza Hut veggie pizza and watch Friends all night :) Tomorrow I go for a non-stress test which I hope is less eventful than the last one (I was having contractions every 4-6 minutes but they went away....obviously)....Keep you posted!



Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Chapter- Becoming a Stay at Home Mom

Good day!
3.5 months later I sit in my recliner at home with a laptop that's back up and running and ready to fill you all in briefly before pressing forward.

I left off in May, discussing my relief from morning sickness and anticipation of finding out the sexes of these babes!

Well, we're having a boy AND a girl and their names are Aiden Robert and Paige Ellen. We just like the name Aiden, Robert is my dads name and my grandfathers middle name, Paige is my great grandmother Quinlan's maiden last name and Ellen is Scott's mom's middle name- there hehe.

As of this writing I can tell you I had an ultrasound one week ago and Paige was 4.5 pounds and Aiden was 5 pounds. Today I am 33 weeks pregnant and counting.

On to the title of this blog- Becoming a Stay at Home Mom.
Never, and I mean NEVER, in my life did I ever imagine I would ACTUALLY become a stay at home mom. I thought about it once in a while but I never figured we'd be able to afford it financially, etc. God tends to have other plans so I'm not shocked haha.

Scott and I sat down one day and calculated the cost of having 3 children in daycare. It came out to $70.00 less than what I make a month...and that didn't count gas. Not to mention, we'd likely have to have the 3 kids at 3 different daycare centers because at-home daycares can only have a certain number of kids under 2, etc.

Alas, we looked at each other and said "let's figure out how to have me stay at home!" Scott is EXCELLENT at finding and maintaing side jobs, so, between that and altering our budget some (like going down to basic basic cable, signing up for WIC, etc) we are able to make it work.

My last day of work was August 28th and that couldn't have come a day too soon. I have nearly 10 pounds of baby in my body, not to mention 2 placentas, 2 umbillical cords, and 2 fluid sacs filled with fluid. ALSO, I am carring these babies COMPLETELY out front so it looks like I'm simply defying gravity when I stand.

Unfortunately for my physical state, Quinn's last day of daycare was Friday, 9/4. LUCKILY he's not a needy boy so I can play with him some and then sit in the recliner some while he plays independently (fancy word for ALONE) and then we can go ouside to our newly fenced in back yard and I can veg. in the sun while he runs around with sticks. I spend most of that time simply praying that he doesn't fall with the sticks because it will take me a good few minutes to get to him once I get myself up and going (inertia is a cruel thing).

That's all for today. HOWEVER, expect a blog ALMOST daily from here on out until the twins are born. I have my lap top on what's left of my lap, with my feet up, watching Regis and Kelly, as Quinn takes his morning nap.

Later for now!