Tuesday, December 28, 2010


December always seems to be a good time for reflections. Not just because it is the sunset of the current year (or the dawn of the coming year depending on your outlook). But also because of my geographic standpoint in all of the Decembers of my life. I am an East Coast gal, and December is dark, and brooding of course, but also blanketed with snow, cracking fires, and hot drinks. This kind of scene lends itself to reflections. Alas, I shall reflect.

Let me start by saying that I did not weigh myself for an entire month and it served it's purpose. While I only lost 2 (TWO!) pounds in November, that beat the 2 month plateau I was on- and included Thanksgiving. However, I did decide to throw out my scale in an effort to keep the crazy at bay. I've now started weighing myself once a week at the gym and that seems to serve me just fine.

As I typed "Alas, I shall reflect," I tilted my head back and thought back to January 2010. I first remembered that on January 3rd Paige was admitted to the hospital under respiratory distress. At 2 days under 3 months old she had a touch of pneumonia and that was VERY scary. I was in the ICU with her for 2 days, nursing her then pumping for Aiden, while Scott was at home with the boys. Not all was lost on scary though. During that stay, my dear friend and former caregiver to Quinn, Meghan, gave birth to her first child, Allie, at the same hospital Paige was in. While she was in labor I would wake up in the middle of the night, feed Paige, and walk down the short hall to visit with laboring Meghan. It was quite an experience.

The "spring" of 2010 here in Saranac Lake seemed especially long. It rained a lot, snowed a lot, and the snow seemed to take forever to melt...Once we thought we were in the clear, we had a freak snowstorm on Mother's Day.....I was sick as hell and Scott had to work alllll day. It was AWFUL.

*Thanks to that snow in May that means in 2010 we saw snow in SEVEN MONTHS out of the year....SEVEN! We usually get snow in October- but it didn't happen this year (did it?) if it did and I'm simply not remembering correctly, then there were only 4 beautiful months where nary a snowflake was to be found.

The summer was great. Quinn got to play outside lots and the twins started napping and eating on the same schedules (which started more in late spring).

I spent most of 2010 (8 months) nursing 2 babies. It feels like SO LONG AGO.

At the beginning of this year, Quinn wasn't yet 2 and the twins were 3 months old. That literally seems like a lifetime ago. As I sit here, he is almost 3 and the twins are almost 15 months and walking, saying a couple of words, and responding to instruction...

This year was truly ALL ABOUT THE KIDS. I was nourishing 2 babies with my own body and starting to adjust to our new family of 5.

***While the rest of my life will certainly be "all about the kids" in some respects, 2011 is going to be about me. It will mark 10 years since I've graduated high school. It will mark the second part of my weight loss journey (a journey that has no set number of parts at this time). It will mark a renewed committment to the spiritual side of myself- YIPEE! But, as I am still a mom, this will ALWAYS be "Mommy Diaries," even if I happen to leave the kids out of a post or two. That likely won't happen too much since their lives have completely shifted my view of myself and the world.***

A whole new person can happen in a year...and not just in babies.



Friday, November 19, 2010

I am Mommy...

...and I need some ME time!

My friend Amy and I have been trying to use each other to stay honest with ourselves about eating/exercising/ goal setting, etc. on our quests to lose weight. While I need to lose significantly MORE than her, the principles are the same.

Thus far, in my quest to lose a GRAND total of 65 pounds from my weight on November 1st, I have committed to the following:

1. Weigh myself only once a month* (I will discuss the ridiculousness of the addiction in a minute)

2. Log on to www.myfitnesspal.com daily to track my calories in and out through food and excercise (shout out to my brother for introducing this to me last week)

3. Complete the Couch to 5k program- I'm in Week 2 so far

4. Work out as many days in a week as I can, for more than 30 minutes. That might seem vague to some of you, but the fact that a stay-at-home mom of 3 kids under 3 can make working out a slight priority is a miracle in itself

5. Use the D.I.E.T. F.R.E.E. "mantra" and 8 simple steps by Zonya Foco. I saw her speak and it's really been helping!


It wasn't until Amy and I committed to only weighing ourselves once a month that I thought about how often I have weighed myself over the last several years. Since I graduated high school in 2001, I would venture a guess that I have weighed myself AT LEAST 2x a week, every week, since. This means that at the VERY LEAST. I have weighed myself 936 times since 2001. HOWEVER......It's more times than that...much more. 936 truly is the very least. I cannot recall going more than a few days without weighing myself, mostly because there was always a scale in the gym at college. There have been times, more recently, that it's been several times a week, and even SEVERAL TIMES A DAY....seriously??!?! a day?!! Yes...its out there.

So, it was like detoxing to weigh myself on Nov. 1st and say "see you in December" to my scale, which is now taking up residence in my linen closet. The first week wasn't too bad. I'd grown accustomed to weighing-in at least once a week, so going a week isn't unheard of. Pushing past that, however, was physically painful at times. I could feel a gut-pull to get the scale and check in. But, I persevered. Not just because I had made a promise to a friend, and not even that I made a promise to myself. Once I realized how insane my attachment to the scale was I realized I HAD to literally STEP OFF for a while and re-develop a healthy relationship with the thing and use it as a guide only.

My clothes will guide me, my cholesterol numbers and blood pressure will guide me-and they will all work together to help me stay healthy- not just above or below a certain number. That's my rant about the scale ;)

Until next time...


Monday, October 18, 2010

And the years go by...

Paige and Aiden turned 1 (ONE!) on 10/5/10.....ONE!

Dear Paige and Aiden,

Thank you, truly, for turning my life inside out in the most magical way possible over the last year. I'm so glad you decided to join our lives at the same time, and not a couple of years apart as your father and I originally planned.

Thank you for being good nursers. You saved us an obscene amount of time and money, and you taught me that my body can do ANYTHING I tell it to do. I'm going to use that sentiment to lose the rest of the weight I need to lose that your brother put on my body when I was pregnant with him ;)

Paige- (Paigeygirl) Thanks for being the sweetest little girl I never knew I wanted. I joke that even though you were 'Baby A' I think you were truly the bonus. God knew we wanted 2 boys, but threw you in as a "see, they're not so bad..." Thank you for being tiny and having gorgeous eyes with long eye lashes- you're 100% girl. Thank you for being a fabulous napper and nighttime sleeper. Feel free to pass these traits on to your younger brother :) However, I wouldn't be hurt if you ceased your random shrill shriek-scream combination that you use when you're happy, mad, sad, hungry, tired......

Aiden- (Aideybum) Thanks for being the cuddly little boy that your older brother has grown out of. Thank you for being the quiet one...Mommy needs a quiet one most days of the week. We could work on your sleep, but you're toothy smile makes it hard to be irritated when you wake up at 5:00am. I'm glad we have those private, quiet moments together. Promise you'll always be my cuddle-bum...until it's culturally inappropriate ;)

Ok you two, as you start to walk, and undoubtedly run, this year, PLEAAAASE take it easy on me, and on Quinn...Yes, Quinn..the blond freak that chases you around..you'll be able to tag team him, and it just won't be pretty :)

Love you guys!


Monday, August 30, 2010

Photos, 10 day treks, tantrums, oh-my!

Hi everyone!

Let me start by pointing out that my new header photo is from none other than the talented Rae Barnes from Rae Barnes Photography (www.raebarnes.com). I met Rae through church and she did shots of our family during my pregnancy with the twins, and did some extra maternity shots as my belly got epic. Bummer for me, she moved to Philly at the beginning of the year. Not bummer for me- she still had some photo contracts up in our area through this summer, which gave us an opportunity to snag her for aNOTHER shoot of our family! The shoot was super fun and I'm so glad to have some gorgeous shots to remember this otherwise chaotic time when I don't always (or often) have my camera in my hand! Thanks Rae!

Anywho...On August 13th Scott and I planned on taking the kids to Clayton, NY (where his sister and a ton of our friends live) for 10 days for a wedding, a firematics event, etc...However, my grandmother was sick/ having surgery/etc and I just didn't feel right taking that trip while my dad was in China and my mom was left to deal. SOOOOOOO I took the 3 kids to Massachusetts with me and sent Scott to the wedding to represent us ;) I spent a week with my mom which allowed us to keep her company and, more importantly, allowed her to breathe a HUGE sigh of relief when Hurricane Randall left ;) Sometimes people just need a little perspective and I'm perfectly fine to provide that! We met up then with Scott in Clayton for a 3 night stay and finally back here. Bummer for me- the week we came back was our daycare providers vacation so this week has been particularly challenging with hyper Quinn.....

However, daycare resumes tomorrow...He'll go Tuesday and Wednesday half days and that's just enough breathing room or mommy! This will help out emmensely in the winter time. For those of you who don't know, the winters up here aren't overly cold or overly snowy in my opinion (in regards to the AMOUNT of snow) BUT the winters are loooooooooooooooong...by long I mean October to April long....Ever since I've lived here there has been one killer snowstorm at the end of October, then it melts away and there's a "normal ish" November with some snow, then the snow returns in a big way for December through February. At this point it's quite hellish. The calendar SAYS March, but we have weather that goes from Blizzard to warm as the weeks roll on. April starts to clear up but there's usually one "farewell" snowstorm in April. And, if you're extra lucky- on your first mother's day with 3 kids and when you're sick, it will snow then too......
My point- getting him out of the house will be nice in the winter...

This Labor Day weekend some friends and I were going to go to a Baby Shower for a friend in Sag Harbor. Unfortunately she delivered her baby at 30 weeks on Saturday. Mom and baby are doing well, although it will likely be a long road. So, Scott said I still had to go somewhere by myself. MOM TO THE RESCUE! I'm heading to my parents house or the weekend to sleep, eat, drink, and read. I'm excited to see some of their high school friends who I essentially grew up with. My parents have been together since high school and married 30 years this October..that's right..I'm not lying!

I'm ready for some full on relaxation tomorrow with Quinn going to daycare in the AM, I'm getting my hair cut and colored in the afternoon, and then running errands with Julie in Plattsburgh tomorrow evening......I RAAAAAAAAARELY say this (as I'm working on living in the moment) but..I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL FRIDAY!!!



Thursday, July 8, 2010

~*9 months!*~

Paige and Aiden have now been around for longer than they were in my belly!

After a lovely loooong weekend in Massachusetts with my parents, family, and friends, I came home to two bottom teeth for Aiden. I was very excited for him, in theory, because he hasn't done anything first. Paige's water broke, she was born first, latched first, slept through the night first, sat up first, crawled first, and pulled up to standing first (Adien still hasn't done that)...but no teeth for Paigey girl just yet.

HOOOOOWEVER! How quickly I was reminded that a child who is ACTUALLY TEETHING is MUCH worse than a child YOU THINK is teething......whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. That's Aiden now..whiiine whiiine..and I need wine wine wine..;)

On top of this, Paige and Aiden are developing very different and interesting personalities.

Paige is 2 things for certain: 1. 100% GIRL and 2. 100% girl version of Quinn..........god help me. She is silly, fearless, resilient, and tolerant (specifically of Quinn). She can fall and bump her head several times before she even whines, let alone cries. She's demanding in her own way (high pitched screeches- sound like anyone I've mentioned?) and tests Aiden's patience by CONSTANTLY taking his toys/food/cup/etc.

Aiden is also 2 things for certain: 1. 100% momma's boy and 2. 100% sensitive....Aiden is quiet, observant, studious, and has no problem doing things- in his own time. The world is so big through Aiden's eyes and he sometimes needs a minute...He can fall over from sitting up and burst in to tears...He never considers falling as an opportunity...it's currently the end ;) He isn't so tolerant of Quinn, his antics, or Paige and her antics. He has a sweet silly heart of a goofy little boy and his 2 growing bottom front teeth. He's a wicked snuggler..which makes me happy- Im glad at least one kid is!

Quinn is getting better with listening..he's had minimal time outs lately, but they're always within reach..and sight..He's now going to the daycare he went to last summer...He's going Tuesdays/Thursdays from 730am-1130am...

Those days go like this: 1. Drop him off at daycare 2. come home and put twins down for a nap by 8 3. clean, eat breakfast, enjoy silence while putting laundry away 4. twins wake up, nurse, eat food, play 5. Pick Quinn up 6. Lunch time for him, pre-nap snack for babies 7. By 12-1230 aaaaaallll are down for a nap......thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you very much! It's great for him to have the interaction and activity with the kids and its great for me to get some things done in the am and let the twins have some quiet Quinn free playtime. It might continue in to the fall/winter- fingers crossed!!!



Sunday, June 27, 2010

Let's freshen up.

Dear readers...if there are any of you out there...
I realize that from January to April, I managed one or two posts a month, at most...There was not a single post in May...and this is likely to be the only one in June.

However, with a new blogging season approaching in my mind, I needed a new look. So, I've changed the template and hope to keep things fresh! Now I need to dig up some more pictures...

I was honestly really hoping to chronicle life with infant twins as it was happening. Funny thing though...I WAS TIRED! To all the moms of one or more babies that can Blog while in the throes of newborn hell, I salute you!

A week from Monday, Paige and Aiden will be NINE months old! I can't believe it, I can almost say "they're almost 1" AGH! Not a single time in my life has flown by faster than these past 9 months. I am still nursing the twins (now they are down to 3-4 nursing sessions a day), they're eating all kinds of food of various consistencies, and they're now in an official routine...which took roughly 6 months to mold..

My most recent struggles are with Quinlan...the witty 2 (almost 2 and a half) year old. Two crawling infants don't hold a candle to the shenanigans hosted by Quinn. I'm really trying to stay patient and stay consistent. I ask the Lord daily for patience and a calm tone...Quinn is one of those kids that gets more worked up the more YOU get worked up, so shouting really does little...unless he's about to touch fire or something.

I'm waiting for a miracle..a "suddenly" as Joyce Meyer puts it..in dealing with Quinn. However, little by little DO I see the "terrible two" phase leaving and he's starting to just be a young pre-pre schooler. He's inquisitive, is learning the alphabet, recognizing upper and lower case letters, counting to twelve (we add a new number on every few days lol), and the tantrums are getting fewer and further between...Just about in time for the twins to grow in to them I'm sure.

The twins are in that "latent" period that we'll be in for some time where they're still "baby cute" but are now "baby fun"...They're in a routine, trying new things with movement and food daily, and it's generally exciting...Then they'll learn to talk and it'll be all over with..hmph...

Anyway- now the kids all take a nap at the same time. For the twins it's their second (of 2 or 3) naps a day, and for Quinn it's his only (albeit long) nap. Everyone is down between 1200 and 1230 and the twins can usually make it till about 2 (they nap between 1.5 and 2 hours). Alas, I believe I will be able to blog on a more regular basis and my blogs won't be just baby based! woohoo!

It will be about babies, toddlers, losing baby weight, marriage, family, God, Love, all of it. It's about life, how to live it, and how to live it well. Join me, won't you?



Friday, April 9, 2010

~*6 Months Baby!*~

Monday marked the 6 month birthday for the twins! I can't believe we've made it 6 months on a whole lot of levels.

1. 6 months with 2 babies has simply flown by. My friend Julie says it's because I haven't had time to stop and think about it..she might be on to something...

2. Quinlan has put up with 2 babies for 6 months with no injuries to either party!

3..and most importantly to me...I've successfully breastfed the twins for 6 months, which was my initial goal, and I am continuing on in hopes of making it to a year.

I'll add #4...The days are getting much easier. The twins seem to be synching themselves with each other and naps are becoming more regular and routine....yay! If this continues I'll be able to blog more..I simply haven't had the time.

*What are your thoughts about breastfeeding past 6 months? Keep it respectful!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

5 months already...Schedule? What schedule?

Gosh..Paige and Aiden are 5 months old and Quinn is 2...

Breastfeeding is still going great. The kids aren't sleeping through the night on a regular basis at this point, but they only get up once or twice so I'm not that bummed. Nursing at night is the best. I stumble in to their room, get whoever needs to eat, and crash back in to bed- no extra staggering in to the kitchen to prepare a bottle- glad those days are over!

While IIIIIIIIIIII would prefer a schedule for the twins, they're not so up for it. It's not that we really need one as I'm a stay at home mom, but I figure for them it'd be good to know when they're napping, etc. HOWEVER, that being said, they have gotten in to a groove within an hour, which is great! They wake up between 630-730 (their attitudes throughout the day are markedly better when they wake up at 730) then they eat, nap within 2 hours, and eat pretty much every 3 hours (occasionally 2.5). I suppose I can't complain!

We're slowly starting rice cereal with them. Aiden loves it and will take it whenever I offer. Paige needs to be in the mood, and even then she's not all too impressed. Also, Paige and Aiden are rolling over...Well, Paige rolls all over the place, front to back and back to front..As of this writing, Aiden rolls on to his belly and immediately starts crying rather than rolling back over..it's reminiscent of Quinn's early days.

I can add another part to my blog now...WEIGHT LOSS. I've heard that for women who don't typically lose weight during breastfeeding, between 4 months and 6 months it gets easier. Maybe it's due to a change in milk production, babies needs, who knows..But in the last 2 weeks I've lost 4.6 pounds. I'm following the nursing mothers program with Weight Watchers (which gives me like 40 points a day) and I use the "extra" points if needed. It's really good for me to follow WW because it helps me focus on getting whole grains and veggies which makes better milk anyway!

I feel a slight breath of fresh air as the "newborn" stage is WELL behind us...I need to savor this breath because it's all going to go to hell again when the twins start crawling...............



Thursday, February 11, 2010

Breastfeeding Twins

It's a choice I made. Most moms get to make a choice and I chose even before I was pregnant to breastfeed my next baby. I exclusively pumped for Quinn for a few months. His latching and my efforts were both down the tubes. He got lots-o-breastmilk but I really wanted to give it a 100% shot with my next baby....Then I found out there were going to be 2 babies. This further cemented my goal.
The sheer number of bottles that would be used for pumping or formula feeding twins was enough to make me more nauseated than my first trimester was already making me. For the rest of my pregnancy I spent HOURS and HOURS researching nursing twins. You can feed one at a time, you can tandem feed (which I do now), you can try to schedule, you can feed on demand (that's me), but the bottom line is- YOU CAN BREASTFEED MULTIPLES! Don't let them scare you :)

The lactation consultants and nurses in the hospital were PHENOMENAL in helping me achieve this goal. I was very clear throughout my pregnancy that I had full intentions of exclusively nursing my two new bundles of joy. I bought a twin breastfeeding pillow (which is what is supporting the two of them in the picture) and, yes, I practiced with 2 stuffed animals regarding positioning. *I only did this once..give me a break.

Unlike Quinlan, these two latched right away. At first Paige was the stronger latch-a-doodle and, at first, neither one of them wanted anything to do with my left boob. However, over the next couple of days (which is one positive of a c-section-more time in the hospital to get this nursing thing down!) I was able to get them to latch individually and together (with assistance).

When I got home it was abundantly clear that tandem nursing 2 newborns is not a task for the faint of heart. Scott had to help position them with their floppy little necks and it took some time to get them both on and going. I decided to nurse one at a time for a while. Further, tandem nursing them as newborns proved an opportune time for Quinn to get in to mayhem.

Tandem nursing was on the back burner until about a month ago, when they turned 3 months old. By this point they could just lay in front of my boob and latch on themselves, and required little "extra" handling like a newborn.

For now it's great and I don't really know when I'll stop...we'll see how it goes (that's my motto for everything nowadays). They get one bottle of either breastmilk (if I remember to thaw some) or formula at 5pm because that's Quinn's dinner time and their fussy time. That's their last feeding of the night.

We used to use bottles of breastmilk over night for like every other feeding because they were getting up at different times and a lot so it was exhausting. Now they only get up once or so a night and I just popem on and then they eat a little and fall asleep.

I've had such a great experience nursing them I've become a full-on breastfeeding advocate and I really wish I worked harder with Quinn...(all in the past...he's fine and huge and it's water under the bridge lol)..

The point is, you have a choice. And, while I hope people choose breastfeeding or breastmilk by pump- JUST FEED YOUR KIDS hehe...Dont let people make you feel bad (formula) or weird (breastfeeding) for your choice.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I now have 3 under 3...rather than 3 under 2

Quinlan is 2...2 years old...I can officially only KIND OF call him a baby for another year..He IS technically a toddler..but a 2 year old is still sweet...ish.......Don't get me wrong, he's about as rambunctious as they come but he still babbles, calls me mommy, sings part of his homemade lullabye with me and, above all, still thinks I'm just the best person in the world.

I posted a birthday message to him on my BabyCenter February 208 Birthboard that read:

Dear Quinn,

You've handled your second year with grace, fervor, and fearlessness. You've taken on a move in to your first "family home" that mommy and daddy bought. You welcomed a brother AND a sister on the SAME day in October and you love them unconditionally (despite the smack on the head here and there). And, true to form, on the eve of your second birthday you decided you've had enough of the crib, forcing mommy to turn your crib in to a toddler day-bed. You only slept 7 hours last night but nap today went well and bedtime tonight went better. I love that you move to the next stage of things so quickly and cold-turkey..but take it easy when you leave the little kid stage, ok?

Love you,


His 2nd birthday snuck up on me during the twins' first 4 months. The first 8 weeks with the twins was something out of a sci-fi/horror/comedy/drama/docu-givemeabreak-ary. Scheduling was out the window, partially due to breastfeeding (which I'm still doing thankyouverymcuh) and the rest due to the fact that I had 2 FRIGGEN INFANTS AND A TODDLER..It was enough to do to make sure I ATE, and everyone else ate, nevermind WHEN THEY ATE.

Things are calming down now. I know some of you think it silly that I would even interject the word CALM in to my blog about life with 3 little people but it's true. The twins have started eating every 3 hours during the day and they're getting up only once (rarely 2x) a night at this point during a 12 hour period. Their naps are starting to organize themselves and I am putting them down at the same time for all of their naps...It just makes sense for my life.

I'm seeing the light, slowly, and I need to decide where to go from here. I'll be blogging about my daily rediculousness, the struggle to lose weight (which apparently for me is nearly impossible while breastfeeding) and the struggle to keep a marriage together (which seems nearly impossible at times...we always need to remind ourselves we're on the SAME team)....I guess I'll be going in all of these directions and you'll follow me...because you love me!



Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Three Months...Whaaaaaat?

Faithful readers I do apologize.
During my pregnancy I was so looking forward to blogging my way through this journey, starting with the first week home from the hospital.
I envisioned a half hour a day spent to updating you on everything from Day One on.....That vision was presented by a pregnant woman drunk on pregnancy hormones.
Looking back on the last 15 weeks how the HELL did I think I would have time to connect with all of you? Let me do a nice retrospective for all of you...if I can remember that far back.

* We came home from the hospital the Saturday after the twins were born (I often try to type Paige and Aiden to acknowledge their individuality, but for now "the twins" is just going to have to do.) I'm glad we had an extra day in the hospital because that day they really got the hang of nursing and I was fully confident in my ability to feed them all by myself :)

*As per the two "get ready for twin" baby books I read, we decided that overnight, when one ate, the other would eat. This is in an effort to get them synched...........(insert overly sarcastic pushhaw). I must say that for the first 8 or so weeks, this really did serve a decent purpose.

*However, let me let you peek in to the window of our second night home from the
hospital...otherwise known in this house as "the night all hell broke loose." As I nurse the babies, Scott was helpful in bringing the babies to me in the middle of the night after changing their diapers, and he'd then put them back in the crib (which was right next to our bed). Well. The second night home was when the babies decided they wanted to cluster feed THROUGH THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. I was in tears through the babies' cries. Feeding them at the same time didn't seem to matter and only made it seem like we had 900 babies. We were up EVERY SINGLE HOUR..SOMETIMES TWICE IN AN HOUR...and it was SO frustrating because they would only eat for a few minutes, then fall asleep. Alas, Scott and I decided from that night forward, I would pump after the last feeding that took place after 8pm and we would bottle feed the babies breast milk (still emplyoing the one up, both up, mentality) and then I would go pump to prepare for the next feeding. As my body was in overdrive milk production, these middle of the night pumpings produced SO much milk that I still have milk in the freezer right now lol. Like over 100 ounces.
...I can't type any more about it- it exhausts me thinking about "THAT NIGHT" lol

I didn't realize how long it would take to reopen that painful wound lol. So, I'll wrap it up for now.
**MOMS** Please take from this story the fact that you MUST do what works for YOU AND YOUR FAMILY....I can tell you that I'm back to nursing them through the night but that's because each of them only gets up once or twice at this point and they are awake for a lot less time when they're on the boob then when they're on the bottle and they fall asleep much faster. HOWEVER, I did NOT see that coming early on. So, again, do what works for you and remember that you are ALWAYS ALLOWED TO CHANGE YOUR MIND!

I'll type tomorrow about Quinn's adjustment, scheduling, not scheduling, tandem feeding, scheduling, Quinn don't touch the babies, can someone get me some food, why do I own a mirror- or a scale for that matter...and other things that happened over the last 3 months.


~*Birth Story*~

Before getting on with my apologies and a synopsis of the last 15 weeks I would like to post my birth story of Paige Ellen and Aiden Robert, born 10/05/2009 (3 days after my last post).

Recovery from this c-section has been much easier then my c-section with Quinn. The nurse said normally 2nd c-sections are easier because we know what to expect. Also, she said moms of multiples tend to do better because it's just such a relief to have them out! The story is long but thanks for reading!!

Baby's Name: Paige Ellen and Aiden Robert
Date of Birth: 10/5/09
Original Due Date: 10/29, c-section scheduled for 10/15
Weeks Pregnant: 36 weeks 5 days
Weight: Paige- 6 pounds 1 ounce & Aiden- 7 pounds even
Height: Paige- 20.5 inches & Aiden- 21 inches

Sunday night (10/4) I felt "off." I was restless, couldn't get comfortable, and was a little nauseated. I couldn't eat much and even soaking in the bath didn't help. Luckily I got some sleep and started my Monday as usual.

I had my regular OB appt. at 10:20. I told the midwife I had been feeling stronger contractions and some pressure. She decided to do my "pre op" questionnaire then since she said I likely wouldn't make it until next week. She also checked me and I was 1cm dilated but my cervix was nice and long.

My BP is usually low but it was high in the office, but when I went down for my NST it was normal. However, I was having regular contractions that were moving from my lower back around my hips and to the front and they were quite strong. They gave me an IV of fluid to see if I was dehydrated or if they were "real" contractions. They slowed down and after I finished the IV bag they sent me home at 3:00pm

I hadn't eaten since 9:00am so I ate a quarter pounder and fries when I got home. I still was feeling off and Scott was taking care of Quinn (20 months) so around 5:30pm I took a bath. When I got out I got in my PJs and told Scott I'd draw Quinn's bath. I knelt in front of the tub, started the water and added the soap. When I stood up..."guuuuush" and my water broke. I sat on the toilet and waited for Scott to come in to give Q his bath. He said, "what are you doing?!" I said "Don't panic..my water broke..We'll give Quinn a bath, I'll call my parents (4 hour drive) , Ben and Julie (friends to come watch Q) and the OB unit."

I told OB I'd be about 20 minutes as we waited for Ben and Julie to come. 15 minutes later the doc himself called me to make sure I was on my way. I didn't realize they were urgently waiting for me. I told DH they clearly were going to do the C section right when I got there and he would have to be in the room with me, instead of my mom.

Luckily, when Ben and Julie got there Julie offered to sit in the room with me because Scott is too squeemish. She drove me to the hospital and Scott followed. I should note Julie was pregnent and due 10/26 haha. Anyway, we got to the hospital and we were strolling up the parking lot and 2 nurses were waiting for me with a wheelchair! lol!

At 7:00pm I got in to one of the L&D rooms and there was myself and Julie, my midwife, doctor, 3 nurses and the anesthesiologist. The doc was supervising, midwife putting catheter in, one nurse shaving me, one nurse putting the IV in my had, one nurse supervising and the anesthesiologist asking questions (like when did I last eat......remember the 1/4 pounder at 330? It's about to make a cameo).

They get me in to the OR probably around 7:10 or 7:20, did the spinal (he had to do it 2x but I was numb from the local so it didn't matter).

The babies were out at 7:43 and 7:44 pm!!

It was Paige's water bag that was broken. She was frank breech in the womb (butt on cervix) but rather than her legs being stright up she was kind of squatting so when on her back she has little froggy legs, but they are straightening now.

I didn't realize how out of breath I was until they pulled Paige out and I said "HOLY HELL I CAN BREATHE AGAIN!" and the whole OR laughed.

After the babies are out I returned the 1/4 pounder via vomit. It's odd throwing up while on your back and not feeling the lower half of your body! haha, all is well now though.

Both babies are absolutely wonderful and they are champs at nursing!! The first few sessions I had assistance to latch on but the last few I haven't needed it..I just need to get the hang of tandem feeding which will be tomorrow's project!